[On The Move is a series of travel diarys from our team as we explore eco-friendly, sustainable, and plant-based travelling options around the world.] Riga, the capital city of Latvia, offers a unique blend of cultural heritage, architecture, and tons of options for those of us trying to tread a little lighter with our footprint. From eco-conscious accommodations to high end plant-based restaurants and eco-friendly attractions, this article presents the some places to visit in Riga for those passionate about sustainability, veganism and everything in between.

Dos and don’ts of staying in Riga

These are based on our opinions from research online as well as first hand experience from travelling to Riga in 2023 during the massive song festival.


  • Grab the vegan English breakfast at MiiT Coffee
  • Install the Wolt delivery app and share with a friend for discounts

Don’t Do

Food and Drink

Although the Latvian staples are very meat heavy, like many cities post 2010, Riga offers places for people following a vegan diet, with a variety of restaurants offering plant-based options. Here are some places to look into during your visit. Some of these places we visited, and some we researched but couldn’t fit into the trip.


Not to be confused with an outdoor swimming pool, the brand Lido has been rocking out with canteen style food on a budget since 1987. You’ll find these bad boys pretty much everywhere, including Riga city centre. Some of them are absolutely massive with more vegan and veggie options the larger the Lido. This was a place we visited a few times per week during our stay here. It’s pretty cheap to eat and the portions are huge. [LIDO IMAGE]

MiiT Coffee

“MiiT Coffee,” a chill vegan café known for its vegan pastries and plant-based breakfasts is one of the first places to start.
Miit Coffee Vegan Latvia Riga
Miit Coffee in Riga has a bunch of vegan food options, nice coffee and chill vibes
We tried the Vegan English Breakfast alongside a coffee with Oat milk which was super nice. The music was also super chill with Frank Ocean and Childish Bambino classics playing in the background.

Vegan Restorāns Balts

For a fine dining experience, “Vegan Restorāns Balts” serves exquisite vegan cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients.

Fat Pumpkin

Don’t miss “Fat Pumpkin” for its mouthwatering vegan burgers and comforting vegan comfort food.   Places to research: Rāma – vegetarian restaurant Kozy Eats –

Order in

As with most cities now, there will be super easy and sometimes cheaper options for food delivery. Depending on where you stay in the city. We used the Wolt delivery app for food and it also included some nice discounts if you refer someone. [Wolt Delivery Image] Vegan and veggie options are available, but you do have to dig around a little to find what’s on your mind.    


Bolt scooters The only annoying thing was every time you hired a scooty it takes 10 Euros from your account as a sort of deposit.    

Eco-Conscious Accommodations

We rented an apartment for a week through Booking for our trip but next time hope to stay in one of the places we researched below. There are a few places to look into before staying in the city.

Aparthotel Autosole

Consider staying at the eco-friendly “Aparthotel Autosole,” which combines stylish design with sustainable practices, including energy-efficient heating and eco-friendly toiletries.

Wellton Riverside SPA Hotel

Another excellent choice is the “Wellton Riverside SPA Hotel,” known for its commitment to eco-friendly operations, renewable energy, and sustainable practices.  

Eco-Friendly Shopping

Riga offers numerous eco-friendly and vegan shops for conscientious shoppers.

Gaia Concept Store

Visit “Gaia Concept Store” for a curated selection of sustainable fashion, organic cosmetics, and environmentally friendly home goods.

Kalnciema Quarter Market

Kalnciema Quarter Market” is a vibrant open-air market featuring local farmers, artisans, and eco-friendly products, including organic produce, handmade crafts, and sustainable fashion items.

Sustainable Attractions

Discover Riga’s sustainable side by exploring its eco-friendly attractions. The “Riga Central Market” is not only one of Europe’s largest markets but also a sustainable food hub where you can find locally grown produce, organic products, and traditional Latvian delicacies. Explore the “Riga Old Town” on foot, bike, or scooter immersing yourself in the city’s rich history while reducing your carbon footprint.

Nature Retreats

Escape the bustling city and venture into Riga’s beautiful natural surroundings. Just a short distance from the city, “Ķemeri National Park” offers breathtaking landscapes, peaceful hiking trails, and rejuvenating mineral-rich mud baths. “Mežaparks” is another nature lover’s paradise, featuring a serene lake, lush forests, and the beautiful “Riga Zoo” known for its conservation efforts.

Final Thoughts

Riga, Latvia, is a perfect destination for sustainable-minded travelers and vegans looking to explore a vibrant and eco-friendly city. From indulging in delectable plant-based cuisine to immersing oneself in sustainable accommodations and embracing eco-conscious shopping, Riga offers a range of experiences that align with a sustainable lifestyle. By visiting the suggested places, you’ll not only enjoy the city’s rich cultural heritage but also contribute to a greener, more compassionate world. Embark on a sustainable adventure and let Riga captivate you with its eco-friendly charm.

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