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Alex Turner, frontman of Arctic Monkeys, is not only known for his musical talents but also for his iconic hairstyles. Over the years, Turner has sported various looks that have inspired fans worldwide. This guide explores his best hairstyles and provides tips on how to achieve them.

Key Takeaways

Alex Turner’s hairstyles range from retro-inspired cuts to modern styles. Achieving his look involves understanding the haircut, styling products, and maintenance required.

Alex Turner’s Iconic Hairstyles

The Classic Pompadour

One of Alex Turner’s most recognizable looks is the classic pompadour, reminiscent of the 1950s rockabilly style.

How to Get the Look

  1. Haircut: Ask your barber for a high fade on the sides and back with longer length on top.
  2. Styling: Use a strong hold pomade. Apply it to damp hair and comb back the top section, creating volume at the front.
  3. Maintenance: Regular trims and reapplication of pomade are essential to keep the style in shape.

The Slick Back

Turner’s slick back look is a versatile and timeless style.

How to Get the Look

  1. Haircut: Request a medium length cut on top with shorter sides and back.
  2. Styling: Apply a medium hold gel or pomade to damp hair. Use a comb to slick back the hair evenly.
  3. Maintenance: Maintain the look with regular trims and daily styling.

The Messy Quiff

The messy quiff is a more relaxed, tousled style that Turner has often sported.

How to Get the Look

  1. Haircut: Opt for a cut that leaves significant length on top with shorter sides.
  2. Styling: Use a matte paste or texturizing product. Apply to dry hair and use fingers to create a messy, voluminous look.
  3. Maintenance: This style requires minimal maintenance but regular trims keep it looking fresh.

Comparison: Key Features of Each Style

StyleLength on TopSides & BackProducts NeededMaintenance
PompadourLongHigh FadeStrong Hold PomadeRegular Trims
Slick BackMediumShortMedium Hold GelDaily Styling
Messy QuiffLongShortMatte PasteMinimal Maintenance

Pros and Cons

Versatile and stylish looks (✓)Requires regular styling and maintenance (✗)
Can be adapted for different hair types (✓)May need specific products to achieve the look (✗)

Tips for Achieving Alex Turner’s Hairstyles

  • Consult a Professional: Visit a barber who understands these styles and can tailor the cut to suit your face shape and hair type.
  • Invest in Quality Products: Using the right styling products is crucial for achieving and maintaining these looks.
  • Practice Styling: It might take some time to perfect the styling techniques, so be patient and practice regularly.
  • Maintain Regular Trims: Regular haircuts help keep the style in shape and looking fresh.

Pomades and Gels

  • Baxter of California Clay Pomade: Great for the pompadour and slick back styles.
  • Layrite Superhold Pomade: Provides a strong hold for all-day styling.

Texturizing Products

  • American Crew Fiber: Ideal for creating the messy quiff.
  • Hanz de Fuko Quicksand: Offers texture and volume for a tousled look.

Final Thoughts

Alex Turner’s hairstyles offer a range of stylish options that can be adapted to suit different preferences and hair types. By understanding the specific requirements for each style and investing in the right products and professional advice, you can achieve these iconic looks and make them your own.