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In a world where consumers are increasingly conscious of their purchases’ social and environmental impacts, many brands are committed to giving back to communities and supporting various causes. These companies integrate philanthropy into their business models, ensuring that each purchase contributes to positive change. This guide highlights some of the top brands that give back, offering products that not only meet your needs but also support meaningful initiatives.



TOMS is famous for its One for One® model, where every purchase helps a person in need. Originally known for donating a pair of shoes for every pair sold, TOMS has expanded its efforts to include eyewear, clean water, safe birth, and bullying prevention programs.

Key Initiatives

  • Shoes: Provides shoes to children in need.
  • Eyewear: Supports vision programs, including sight-saving surgeries and glasses.
  • Water: Provides clean water systems.
  • Other: Supports safe birth initiatives and bullying prevention.

Why Choose TOMS

TOMS is ideal for those who want their purchases to have a direct and tangible impact on various global issues.

2. Patagonia


Patagonia is not only committed to creating high-quality outdoor gear but also to environmental sustainability and activism. The brand donates 1% of its sales to environmental causes through its self-imposed Earth tax.

Key Initiatives

  • Environmental Grants: Supports grassroots environmental organizations.
  • Worn Wear: Encourages customers to buy used Patagonia gear and offers a repair program.
  • Activism: Engages in environmental campaigns and activism.

Why Choose Patagonia

Patagonia is perfect for environmentally conscious consumers who want to support a brand that actively works to protect the planet.

3. Warby Parker


Warby Parker revolutionized the eyewear industry with its stylish, affordable glasses and a strong commitment to social responsibility. For every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need through their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program.

Key Initiatives

  • Eyewear: Provides glasses to those in need through partnerships with nonprofit organizations.
  • Vision Care: Supports vision care initiatives and training for local entrepreneurs.

Why Choose Warby Parker

Warby Parker is ideal for those who want to combine stylish eyewear with supporting global vision care initiatives.

4. Bombas


Bombas is dedicated to providing the most comfortable socks while giving back to those in need. For every pair of socks purchased, Bombas donates a pair to homeless shelters.

Key Initiatives

  • Sock Donations: Has donated millions of pairs of socks to homeless shelters across the United States.
  • Community Support: Partners with various organizations to support those in need.

Why Choose Bombas

Bombas is perfect for those who want to enjoy high-quality socks while helping provide essential clothing items to the homeless.

5. Love Your Melon


Love Your Melon is an apparel brand with a mission to support children battling cancer. The brand donates 50% of its net profits to nonprofit organizations that fund cancer research and support families affected by cancer.

Key Initiatives

  • Cancer Support: Donates 50% of net profits to cancer research and support initiatives.
  • Community Engagement: Provides hats and other apparel to children undergoing cancer treatment.

Why Choose Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon is great for those who want to support cancer research and provide comfort to children battling cancer.

6. Burt’s Bees


Burt’s Bees is known for its natural personal care products and its commitment to sustainability and community support. The brand supports various initiatives, including wildlife conservation, sustainable agriculture, and rural development.

Key Initiatives

  • Sustainability: Focuses on environmentally friendly production processes and packaging.
  • Community Support: Funds projects that support rural communities and sustainable agriculture.
  • Wildlife Conservation: Supports initiatives to protect wildlife habitats.

Why Choose Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees is ideal for those seeking natural personal care products from a brand dedicated to environmental and community sustainability.

7. Newman’s Own


Newman’s Own is a food and beverage company that donates 100% of its profits to charitable organizations. Founded by actor Paul Newman, the brand supports various causes, including education, nutrition, and disaster relief.

Key Initiatives

  • Charitable Donations: Has donated over $550 million to various charitable organizations since its inception.
  • Broad Impact: Supports a wide range of causes, from education to disaster relief.

Why Choose Newman’s Own

Newman’s Own is perfect for those who want to enjoy quality food products while knowing that their purchase supports a wide range of charitable initiatives.

8. TenTree


TenTree is dedicated to environmental stewardship, planting ten trees for every item sold. The brand offers a range of casual and outdoor clothing made from sustainable materials.

Key Initiatives

  • Tree Planting: Plants ten trees for every purchase, with a goal to plant one billion trees by 2030.
  • Sustainable Materials: Uses organic cotton, recycled polyester, and hemp.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Committed to reducing packaging waste.

Why Choose TenTree

TenTree is ideal for eco-conscious consumers who want their purchases to make a positive environmental impact.



FEED is a social business with a mission to combat hunger and malnutrition around the world. Each FEED product, from bags to accessories, has a number stamped on it that signifies the number of meals or micronutrient packets provided with its purchase.

Key Initiatives

  • Hunger Relief: Provides meals and micronutrient packets to children and families in need.
  • Global Impact: Partners with organizations like the United Nations World Food Programme.

Why Choose FEED

FEED is perfect for those who want stylish, functional products that also contribute to global hunger relief efforts.

10. Tatcha


Tatcha is a luxury skincare brand inspired by Japanese beauty rituals. The brand is committed to giving back through its Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures program, which funds girls’ education.

Key Initiatives

  • Education: Supports the Room to Read Girls’ Education Program, providing education to girls in Asia and Africa.
  • Sustainability: Uses eco-friendly packaging and sustainable ingredients.

Why Choose Tatcha

Tatcha is ideal for those who want high-quality skincare products and wish to support girls’ education around the world.


Choosing brands that give back allows you to make a positive impact with your purchases. Whether you’re looking for clothing, personal care products, food, or accessories, there are many companies committed to supporting various social and environmental causes. By supporting these brands, you can enjoy high-quality products while contributing to meaningful initiatives and making the world a better place.