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Navigating the world of business casual attire can be challenging, but it offers a great balance between professional and comfortable dressing. This guide will help you understand the key elements of business casual outfits for men, provide styling tips, and offer sample outfits to help you look your best in the workplace.

Key Elements of Business Casual Outfits

1. Shirts

Dress Shirts

  • Description: Essential for business casual attire, dress shirts can be worn with or without a tie. Stick to solid colors, subtle patterns, and classic stripes.
  • Recommended Brands: J.Crew, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers

Polo Shirts

  • Description: Polos offer a more relaxed yet professional look. Opt for high-quality fabrics and avoid overly bright or flashy colors.
  • Recommended Brands: Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Uniqlo

Casual Button-Downs

  • Description: Oxford cloth button-down (OCBD) shirts and other casual button-downs made from comfortable fabrics are perfect for layering.
  • Recommended Brands: Gap, H&M, Everlane

2. Pants


  • Description: A staple in business casual wardrobes, chinos are comfortable, versatile, and come in various colors. Neutral shades like khaki, navy, and olive work best.
  • Recommended Brands: Dockers, Bonobos, J.Crew

Dress Pants

  • Description: Dress pants made from wool or wool blends offer a slightly more formal touch. Ensure they are well-fitted.
  • Recommended Brands: Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Zara

Dark Jeans

  • Description: In some workplaces, dark, well-fitted jeans are acceptable. Avoid jeans with rips, fades, or excessive embellishments.
  • Recommended Brands: Levi’s, Uniqlo, Madewell

3. Blazers and Jackets


  • Description: A tailored blazer upgrades any business casual outfit. Choose versatile colors like navy, gray, or black.
  • Recommended Brands: SuitSupply, Ted Baker, Banana Republic

Sport Coats

  • Description: Sport coats offer a slightly less formal alternative to blazers, often with more texture and patterns.
  • Recommended Brands: J.Crew, Brooks Brothers, H&M

4. Footwear

Dress Shoes

  • Description: Classic options like oxfords, derbies, and loafers are ideal. Opt for high-quality leather shoes in black, brown, or burgundy.
  • Recommended Brands: Allen Edmonds, Clarks, Cole Haan

Casual Shoes

  • Description: Leather sneakers, chukka boots, and loafers add a relaxed yet polished touch. Keep them clean and well-maintained.
  • Recommended Brands: Nike, Timberland, Sperry

5. Accessories


  • Description: Match your belt with your shoes for a cohesive look. Leather belts in black or brown are versatile and professional.
  • Recommended Brands: Fossil, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole


  • Description: A classic wristwatch adds sophistication. Choose a design that complements your overall style.
  • Recommended Brands: Seiko, Timex, Citizen


  • Description: A sleek leather briefcase or a professional-looking messenger bag is ideal for carrying essentials.
  • Recommended Brands: Samsonite, Tumi, Herschel

Pros and Cons of Business Casual Attire

Comfortable: Blends professional attire with comfort, allowing for easier movement and less formality.Ambiguity: The definition of business casual can vary widely, leading to potential confusion about what is appropriate.
Versatile: Offers flexibility to mix and match different pieces for various looks.Potential for Under-Dressing: There’s a risk of dressing too casually if not careful.
Affordable: Allows for a range of budget options, from high-end to more affordable brands.Inconsistency: Standards can differ between workplaces, making it hard to standardize a wardrobe.
Expressive: Provides opportunities to showcase personal style while remaining professional.Maintenance: Requires keeping clothes clean, ironed, and well-maintained to look polished.
Modern: Reflects contemporary workplace trends and expectations, promoting a relaxed yet professional environment.Varies by Industry: Some industries may have stricter interpretations, making it less universally applicable.

Sample Business Casual Outfits

Outfit 1: Classic and Professional

  • Top: White dress shirt
  • Bottom: Navy chinos
  • Layer: Gray blazer
  • Footwear: Brown leather oxfords
  • Accessories: Brown leather belt, classic wristwatch

Outfit 2: Relaxed and Stylish

  • Top: Light blue polo shirt
  • Bottom: Khaki chinos
  • Footwear: Dark brown loafers
  • Accessories: Dark brown leather belt, casual watch

Outfit 3: Smart and Casual

  • Top: Checked button-down shirt
  • Bottom: Dark jeans
  • Layer: Navy sport coat
  • Footwear: Black chukka boots
  • Accessories: Black leather belt, messenger bag

Styling Tips for Business Casual Attire

1. Fit is Key

Ensure your clothes fit well. Tailored and well-fitted garments look more polished and professional. Avoid overly tight or baggy clothing.

2. Stick to Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like navy, gray, black, and white are versatile and can be easily mixed and matched. They convey professionalism and are suitable for most office environments.

3. Layering

Layering adds depth and interest to your outfit. Pair a dress shirt with a sweater or a blazer for a smart, layered look.

4. Keep it Simple

Avoid overly busy patterns or flashy colors. Subtle patterns like pinstripes or small checks are appropriate, but solid colors are always a safe bet.

5. Maintain Your Shoes

Ensure your shoes are clean and polished. Well-maintained footwear enhances your overall appearance and shows attention to detail.

6. Grooming

Personal grooming is an essential part of business casual attire. Keep your hair neatly styled, facial hair well-trimmed, and nails clean.


Building a business casual wardrobe is about finding the right balance between professional and relaxed. By investing in key pieces like well-fitted shirts, versatile pants, stylish footwear, and appropriate accessories, you can create a variety of outfits suitable for the modern office. Remember to focus on fit, stick to neutral colors, and keep your look simple and polished. With these guidelines, you’ll be able to navigate any business casual dress code with confidence and style.