Looking for cozy and stylish sweaters that align with your ethical values? We’ve curated a list of ethical and sustainable sweater brands that use eco-friendly materials, support fair trade practices, and prioritize social and environmental responsibility. From organic wool jumpers to eco-conscious knitwear, these brands offer a guilt-free way to upgrade your wardrobe. Check out our top picks below.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose ethical and sustainable sweaters to support fair trade and environmentally friendly practices.
  • Look for brands that use organic wool, eco-conscious materials, and prioritize social responsibility.
  • Consider brands like Curate, The Knotty Ones, and Amour Vert for eco-friendly options.
  • Explore Naadam, ABLE, and Girlfriend for ethical sweaters with a social impact.
  • Upgrade your style with cozy sweaters that make a positive difference in the world.

Curate, The Knotty Ones, Amour Vert: Eco-Friendly Sweaters for Every Style

Looking to upgrade your wardrobe with eco-friendly sweaters that are not only stylish but also sustainable? We’ve curated a selection of brands that specialize in eco-friendly knitwear, using materials like recycled wool, hemp, and organic cotton. These brands are committed to ethical knitting practices, fair wages, and low-impact fibers.


Curate is an online marketplace that offers a thoughtfully curated collection of eco-friendly sweaters. They prioritize sustainability by using recycled wool, hemp, and GOTS-certified organic cotton. Curate also ensures that their packaging is eco-minded, using recycled or biodegradable materials whenever possible. Plus, they offset the carbon emissions from shipping, making it a climate-conscious choice.

The Knotty Ones

The Knotty Ones is a women-owned brand that focuses on crafting cozy sweaters in small batches. They use natural fibers like merino wool, alpaca wool, cotton, and linen to create high-quality, sustainable knits. What sets them apart is their commitment to ethical knitting practices. Each item is lovingly knitted by female artisans in rural Lithuania who are paid fair wages. By supporting The Knotty Ones, you not only get a beautiful sweater but also contribute to empowering women in the knitting community.

Amour Vert

If you’re looking for eco-friendly sweaters that are both stylish and locally produced, Amour Vert is the brand for you. Based in the Bay Area, Amour Vert offers a range of sustainable sweaters made from low-impact fibers such as modal and organic cotton. They prioritize local production and have partnerships with factories near San Francisco, reducing their carbon footprint. Additionally, Amour Vert employs a zero waste process for some of their sweaters, ensuring that every piece of fabric is put to good use. Their commitment to sustainability extends to their use of natural dyes and support for land restoration efforts.

When you choose Curate, The Knotty Ones, or Amour Vert, you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting brands that prioritize eco-friendly materials, fair labor practices, and ethical knitting. These brands are leading the way in creating a more sustainable and stylish future for fashion.

Naadam, ABLE, Girlfriend: Ethical Sweaters with a Social Impact

If you’re looking for ethical sweaters that not only make a fashion statement but also have a positive social impact, look no further. Brands like Naadam, ABLE, and Girlfriend offer sustainable knitwear that combines style with responsible practices.

Naadam is committed to creating eco-conscious sweaters crafted from hand-combed cashmere sourced directly from Mongolian herders. By prioritizing the use of natural dyes and supporting land restoration efforts, Naadam ensures that their production processes leave a minimal ecological footprint.

When it comes to transparency, ABLE takes the lead. Their fair trade sweaters boast one of the most transparent supply chains in the industry. By using materials like GOTS-certified organic cotton, ABLE promotes fair wages and labor practices, making their garments not only stylish but ethically made.

Girlfriend is another brand making waves in the sustainable fashion industry. Their sweatshirts are made from a blend of recycled and organic cotton, helping to reduce waste and promote responsible manufacturing. To further their commitment to sustainability, Girlfriend has also launched a garment take-back program called ReGirlfriend, which allows customers to recycle their old sweaters and ensure responsible end-of-life treatment.


What materials are used in ethical and sustainable sweaters?

Ethical and sustainable sweaters are made from a variety of eco-friendly materials, such as recycled wool, hemp, organic cotton, merino wool, alpaca wool, linen, modal, and low-impact fibers.

Are these brands committed to fair trade practices?

Yes, the brands mentioned prioritize fair trade practices. They ensure that their artisans and workers are paid fair wages and have good working conditions.

Do these brands support environmental responsibility?

Absolutely! These ethical fashion brands prioritize environmental responsibility by using natural and low-impact materials, supporting land restoration efforts, and implementing eco-minded packaging and shipping practices.

Are these sweaters suitable for men, women, or both?

These brands offer a range of sweaters for both men and women. You can find cozy and stylish options that align with your ethical values regardless of your gender.

Where are these sweaters produced?

The production locations vary by brand. Many of them produce their sweaters locally, near their headquarters or in countries where the natural materials are sourced.

Can these brands provide certifications for their ethical and sustainable practices?

Yes, some of these brands have certifications that verify their ethical and sustainable practices. For example, GOTS certification ensures the use of organic fibers and strict environmental and social criteria throughout the production process.

How do these brands contribute to social impact initiatives?

These brands contribute to social impact initiatives through practices such as supporting fair wages and labor practices, providing job opportunities to female artisans, and implementing garment take-back programs for recycling and responsible end-of-life treatment.

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