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A New Approach to Plant-Based Meat

Impossible Foods has launched a dynamic new ad campaign aimed at making plant-based meat more appealing to traditional meat lovers.

The campaign kicked off with a 30-second commercial during the “Live from E!: Met Gala” broadcast, featuring quintessential American scenes such as backyard BBQs and hot dog contests.

This strategy aims to integrate plant-based meat into familiar culinary traditions, making it more approachable and enticing.

Expanding Horizons

Beyond just burgers, Impossible Foods is using this campaign to highlight its diverse range of plant-based beef, chicken, and pork products.

Shorter, product-focused ads are designed to increase consumer awareness and familiarity with the entire product line, positioning Impossible Foods as a comprehensive alternative meat brand.

Omnichannel Presence

The campaign spans multiple consumer touchpoints, including influencer partnerships, in-store promotions, and digital, shoppable recipes.

It’s highly visible in major urban areas like New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, with digital and physical ads placed on billboards, electric vehicle charging stations, and buses.

The Vision

Leslie Sims, Chief Marketing and Creative Officer at Impossible Foods, explains that the campaign aims to challenge the notion that plant-based meat isn’t for meat eaters.

The message is clear: Impossible meat offers the same delicious experience as traditional meat but without the associated environmental and ethical concerns.

The campaign targets everyone, from vegans to hardcore meat lovers, encouraging them to choose plant-based options for a better planet.

With this bold new campaign, Impossible Foods hopes to convert more meat lovers into fans of plant-based alternatives, showing that enjoying meat doesn’t have to come with a hefty environmental cost.