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Introduction to Definite Articles
Definite Articles is a sustainable activewear brand that focuses on creating eco-friendly performance wear. The brand emphasizes sustainability, ethical production practices, and innovative materials to reduce environmental impact.

Pros and Cons of Definite Articles

✅ Use of innovative biodegradable materials❌ Higher price points due to sustainable production
✅ Ethical manufacturing practices❌ Limited transparency on full supply chain audits
✅ Commitment to carbon neutrality❌ Dependency on specific sustainable material suppliers
✅ Certified B Corporation❌ Limited product range compared to larger brands

Sustainability and Ethical Practices at Definite Articles

Use of Innovative Biodegradable Materials

Definite Articles uses CiCLO technology in its fabrics, which includes 23% recycled polyester and 51% recycled nylon, along with 23% Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton and 3% spandex. CiCLO is a natural additive that makes synthetic fibers biodegradable, allowing them to break down more like natural fibers when discarded, thus reducing plastic pollution.

Ethical Manufacturing Practices

Definite Articles ensures ethical labor practices by partnering with factories that comply with high labor standards. The brand is also a Certified B Corporation, which signifies a commitment to social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

The brand is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint. It sources materials locally within a 2,500-mile radius in the Americas, which minimizes transportation emissions. Additionally, orders are packaged in biodegradable bags and shipped using eco-friendly methods.

Community and Charitable Giving

Definite Articles donates 2% of its annual revenue to support environmental nonprofits. This initiative helps fund projects aimed at preserving the planet and promoting a healthier, more sustainable future.

Final Thoughts: Is Definite Articles Sustainable?

Definite Articles demonstrates a robust commitment to sustainability through its use of innovative biodegradable materials, ethical manufacturing practices, and carbon neutrality efforts. While there are challenges, such as higher price points and the need for greater supply chain transparency, the brand’s dedication to creating high-quality, sustainable activewear makes it a commendable choice for environmentally conscious consumers.


Q: Is Definite Articles considered a sustainable brand?
A: Yes, Definite Articles is considered sustainable due to its use of biodegradable materials, ethical manufacturing practices, and commitment to carbon neutrality.

Q: What materials does Definite Articles use in its products?
A: The brand uses CiCLO recycled polyester and nylon, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton, and spandex.

Q: How does Definite Articles address ethical concerns?
A: Definite Articles ensures ethical production by partnering with certified factories that adhere to high labor standards and by being a Certified B Corporation.

Q: Are Definite Articles’ products more expensive?
A: Yes, the use of high-quality, sustainable materials and ethical production methods can result in higher price points compared to conventional brands.

Q: Where can I buy Definite Articles products?
A: Definite Articles products are available through their official website and selected online marketplaces.

For more detailed information, you can visit the Definite Articles website and explore their sustainability practices and product offerings.