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Get ready to elevate your diet with The Plant Based Seafood Co.’s latest offerings. Starting this May, their innovative plant-based seafood products will be available at 80 Wegmans locations across the East Coast, including major areas like Washington D.C., New York, and North Carolina.

What’s On Offer?

Visit Wegmans to find Mind Blown’s Plant-Based Crab Cakes and Dusted Scallops, perfect for grilling or creating a quick gourmet meal. These products mimic the taste and texture of real seafood while offering a sustainable alternative.

Why It Matters

The Plant Based Seafood Co. stands out as a family-owned business led by an experienced all-female team with over two decades in the seafood industry. Their mission is to provide eco-friendly, plant-based seafood alternatives that don’t compromise on taste or quality.

Expanding Horizons

This collaboration with Wegmans is a strategic step for The Plant Based Seafood Co., enhancing their market presence. The partnership follows a recent distribution deal with Sam Rust Seafood, a premium seafood wholesaler, adding another channel for their products. Additionally, they have teamed up with ICL Group to accelerate the development of new plant-based seafood formulations and have joined PlantX, an e-commerce platform broadening their reach.

Where to Find Them

Check out the frozen food section of your local Wegmans to discover Mind Blown’s products. Whether you are a dedicated plant-based eater or just exploring new options, these seafood alternatives promise to impress and offer a delicious, sustainable choice.