P22 is a new brand of shoes that started with the simple and sincere goal of “bringing sustainability to trail running.” The Dutch designer and entrepreneur Pim Dresen, who is also the founder of Mercer Amsterdam, started the new brand. It is part of Dresen’s ongoing efforts to make high-end and environmentally friendly goods.

Taking the name of the famous wild mountain cat P-22, also known as the Hollywood Cat, who lived in Griffith Park in Los Angeles from 2012 to 2022. During his ten years in the area, he was known as “the ultimate trail runner” because he was often seen running through the Santa Monica Mountains. The P-22 Model 1 trail shoes are made to be stable and comfortable even on rocky ground. They were designed to look like the famous Hollywood Cat.

Taking into account that many of the trailer runner models on the market now have outsoles that aren’t very stable, the Model is made to stop overpronation. The stacked outsoles were made in partnership with Vibram and use a new technology called METAFLEX and less plastic. The final outsoles are made from both recycled rubber and sugarcane and have the right amount of cushioning and stability.

In line with Mercer Amsterdam’s efforts to be environmentally friendly and contibute to sustainable fashion, the shoe is not only approved by PETA, but it is also made from more than 50% recycled materials. Its engineered mesh is also made from recycled plastic and is accepted by both Bluesign and the Global Recycled Standard.

The P-22 Model 1 comes in “Whisper White/Spice Orange,” “Storm Gray/Emerald Green,” and “Jet Black/Aqua Green” and costs €199 EUR (about $217 USD). The three trail shoes will be sold on September 14 from Mercer Amsterdam and a few other stores.

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