Privacy policy

What tracking we do

We use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to find out how people are finding us. We don’t collect mountains of personal data about our visitors by using this tool.

What we can’t control

When using Gents Fashion there will be essential cookies that are needed for the site to function on your device or browser. We can’t control these, however, they’re limited to what they do store.

This is for example a cookie that is required by the YouTube API to watch a video. That’s on Google to do as they wish with your information as we don’t have access to any of that.

As transparent as possible

We don’t want to store any information that we don’t need and we want to give you the best experience when looking around the pages of Gents Fashion.

If you have any questions at all about the above you can always contact us at

Updated: Wed 26 October 2022 09:47 CEST

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