When it comes to finding the perfect robe that is not only comfortable but also sustainable, there are several brands that stand out. Coyuchi offers robes made from 100% organic cotton, with certifications like GOTS and MADE SAFE. Pact provides affordable flannel robes made from GOTS and Fair Trade-certified organic cotton. Under The Canopy offers high-quality robes made from OEKO-TEX and GOTS-certified Turkish cotton. Quince has a wide range of robes available, from silk to cashmere, all made with sustainable materials. MATE the Label’s TENCEL™ robe is not only sustainable but also super cozy and elegant. Avocado’s soft and non-toxic robe is made by a brand known for its eco-friendly mattresses. Girlfriend Collective’s Dream Robe is made from TENCEL™ and recycled cotton, making it both sustainable and stylish. Brooklinen offers plush robes made from OEKO-TEX certified materials. OddBird’s robes are made by artisans in Turkey using handwoven towels. Idle’s robes are made from sustainable plant-based fibers and are perfect for cooler temperatures. This Is J’s robes made from bamboo viscose are breathable and cooling, perfect for those who find other sleepwear too hot. These brands offer a variety of sustainable robe options, ensuring that you can find one that fits your style and values.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sustainable robes are made from organic cotton, recycled materials, and sustainable plant-based fibers
  • Certifications like GOTS, OEKO-TEX, and MADE SAFE ensure the sustainability and safety of the robes
  • Brands like Coyuchi, Pact, and Under The Canopy offer a range of eco-friendly options
  • Materials like TENCEL™, silk, cashmere, and bamboo viscose provide comfort and style
  • Robes from Avocado, Girlfriend Collective, and Brooklinen are both sustainable and luxurious

Luxury and Eco-Friendly Bath Robes – Slowtide

Slowtide offers a collection of luxurious and eco-friendly bath robes that provide pure comfort and style. These robes are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a seamless blend of luxury and sustainability. Made from the finest materials, Slowtide’s robes are incredibly soft and offer a sensory experience that soothes both body and soul. Their lightweight nature allows for effortless movement, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Additionally, Slowtide’s bath robes are crafted using sustainable practices and materials, aligning with their commitment to a more eco-conscious lifestyle. With their quick-drying technology, these robes are also convenient for post-shower or spa use. Slowtide’s bath robe collection is the epitome of luxury and conscious living, offering a way to indulge in comfort while minimizing your impact on the environment.

Slowtide Bath Robes Features:

  • Luxurious and soft materials
  • Sustainable craftsmanship
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Quick-drying technology
  • Eco-friendly and conscious living

The Best Sustainable Robes for Relaxing in Style

When it comes to relaxing in style, sustainable robes are the perfect choice. Embracing eco-friendly loungewear not only elevates your comfort but also contributes to ethical fashion practices. Several brands offer a wide variety of sustainable robes that combine luxury and sustainability, allowing you to relax guilt-free.

Raven + Lily’s monochrome robes are made by female artisans, ensuring fair wages and healthcare support. Underprotection’s silky TENCEL™ satin robes are crafted from recycled polyester and organic cotton, offering a luxurious feel while minimizing environmental impact.

Anekdot takes a unique approach by using surplus fabrics to create their brocade jackets, effectively reducing textile waste and giving new life to materials. The Ethical Silk Company presents a range of scarves, wraps, and robes made from 100% ethically sourced mulberry silk, providing both elegance and sustainability.

TAMGA Designs offers colorful and flowy kimonos made from Micro TENCEL® and LENZING™ ECOVERO™, ensuring eco-friendly loungewear that aligns with your vibrant personality. Bhumi’s linen robes are another great option for those seeking sustainable comfort, providing both style and environmental consciousness. Greenfibres’ organic cotton terry bathrobe, available in various colors, offers a medium-weight option that is cozy and responsibly made.

By choosing any of these sustainable brands, you can relax in style, knowing that your loungewear supports ethical practices and contributes to a greener, more conscious fashion industry.


What are sustainable robes?

Sustainable robes are bathwear or loungewear made from eco-friendly materials and produced using sustainable practices. These robes are designed to minimize harm to the environment while providing comfort and style.

What are the benefits of wearing sustainable robes?

Wearing sustainable robes allows you to enjoy comfort and relaxation while minimizing your impact on the environment. These robes are made from organic or natural fibers, reduce waste, and support ethical manufacturing practices.

Where can I find sustainable robes?

There are several brands offering sustainable robes. Some popular options include Coyuchi, Pact, Under The Canopy, Quince, MATE the Label, Avocado, Girlfriend Collective, Brooklinen, OddBird, Idle, and This Is J. Each brand offers a range of robes made from sustainable materials.

What certifications should I look for in sustainable robes?

When purchasing sustainable robes, look for certifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), MADE SAFE, Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX, and others that ensure the materials and manufacturing processes adhere to sustainable and ethical standards.

Are sustainable robes more expensive than traditional robes?

The price of sustainable robes may vary depending on the brand and materials used. While some sustainable robes may be slightly more expensive than traditional robes, the long-term benefits of sustainability and ethical practices make them a worthwhile investment.

Can sustainable robes be worn as loungewear?

Yes, sustainable robes are designed to be versatile and can be worn as loungewear. They offer comfort, style, and eco-consciousness, making them suitable for activities such as lounging at home, spa visits, and relaxing after a shower or bath.

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