Looking for a sustainable watch? Discover eco-friendly timepieces that merge style with sustainability. These sustainable watch brands are creating an alternative to traditional watches by using ethical production methods and sustainable materials. With a focus on quality and longevity, these watches are designed to be worn for many years. Explore the top picks for sustainable and eco-friendly watches below.

Key Takeaways

  • Opt for sustainable watch brands that prioritize ethical production and use sustainable materials.
  • Eco-friendly timepieces are designed to last for years, reducing waste and promoting longevity.
  • Consider brands like Solios, Mondaine, and WoodWatch for their sustainable and stylish offerings.
  • Skagen and Original Grain offer watches made with recycled materials for those who value sustainability.
  • Explore Nordgreen, Decideandact, TRIWA, and Vestiaire Collective for more sustainable watch options.

Sustainable Watch Brands: Top Picks for Ethical Timekeeping.

When it comes to ethical timekeeping, there are several sustainable watch brands that are leading the way. These brands prioritize sustainability and ethical production practices, offering stylish and conscious alternatives to traditional watches. Here are our top picks:


Solios is a solar-powered watch brand that eliminates the need for batteries and embraces vegan materials. Their sleek and modern designs are powered by the sun, making them a sustainable option for eco-conscious individuals.


2°EAST offers a range of watches made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles and conflict-free rose gold. By repurposing these materials, they contribute to a more sustainable and circular fashion industry.


Mondaine, a Swiss watch brand, is committed to sustainability and has achieved carbon neutrality. They use recycled materials in their collection, combining timeless style with eco-friendly production methods.


WoodWatch fights against climate change by planting trees with each purchase. They create unique timepieces using sustainable wood, promoting both style and environmental consciousness.


Skagen offers eco-friendly versions of their watches, incorporating recycled stainless steel and using planet-friendly leather. Their elegant and minimalist designs make a statement while supporting sustainability.

Original Grain

Original Grain creates unique timepieces using reclaimed materials, such as wood from bourbon barrels. Their commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship results in one-of-a-kind watches that blend style and conscience.


Nordgreen is a Danish brand that produces carbon-neutral watches. They prioritize giving back to charitable causes and offer timeless designs that reflect both sustainability and Scandinavian aesthetics.


Decideandact is known for its “swisstainable” watch, which combines low energy consumption and recycled materials. They strive to reduce their carbon footprint while delivering high-quality and sustainable timepieces.


TRIWA is committed to creating watches with a low carbon footprint and donates a portion of their sales to causes like Girl Up. Their stylish and sustainable designs make a positive impact on both fashion and society.

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective offers a sustainable option for fashion enthusiasts by providing secondhand luxury watches. By embracing pre-owned items, they contribute to the circular economy and reduce waste in the fashion industry.

These sustainable watch brands not only offer unique and stylish timepieces but also prioritize environmental sustainability and ethical practices. By choosing a watch from one of these brands, you can make a conscious choice to support a more sustainable world.

Brand Description
Solios Solar-powered watches with vegan materials
2°EAST Watches made from recycled materials
Mondaine Carbon-neutral Swiss watches using recycled materials
WoodWatch Watches made from sustainable wood, tree planting with each purchase
Skagen Eco-friendly watches made with recycled stainless steel and planet-friendly leather
Original Grain Timepieces crafted from reclaimed materials
Nordgreen Carbon-neutral watches giving back to charitable causes
Decideandact “Swisstainable” watches with low energy consumption and recycled materials
TRIWA Low carbon footprint watches supporting charitable causes
Vestiaire Collective Secondhand luxury watches for sustainable fashion


The sustainable watch industry is experiencing a remarkable growth as more brands commit to offering eco-friendly and ethically produced timepieces. These sustainable watches not only provide a stylish alternative to conventional options but also contribute to a more sustainable world. Utilizing materials such as recycled plastic, reclaimed wood, and vegan leather, these watches embody a conscious approach to fashion accessories.

By choosing a sustainable watch, you play a vital role in supporting brands that prioritize environmental sustainability and ethical practices. Each time you wear a sustainable watch, you make a statement about your dedication to a greener future. Whether you are seeking a luxurious timepiece or an affordable option, there is a wide array of sustainable watch brands available to suit various styles and budgets.

Embrace eco-conscious timekeeping with a sustainable watch, and make a positive impact on the planet. By aligning your fashion choices with sustainability principles, you contribute to the growth of the sustainable watch industry, promoting the development of more sustainable luxury watches, eco-friendly wristwatches, and sustainable fashion accessories.


What are sustainable watches?

Sustainable watches are timepieces that are produced using ethical manufacturing practices and sustainable materials. These watches aim to reduce the environmental impact of traditional watches.

Why should I choose a sustainable watch?

By choosing a sustainable watch, you can support brands that prioritize environmental sustainability and ethical production. These watches are a stylish and conscious alternative to traditional timepieces.

What materials are used in sustainable watches?

Sustainable watches are made using a variety of materials, including recycled plastic, reclaimed wood, vegan leather, and recycled metals like stainless steel. These materials help reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Are sustainable watches affordable?

Sustainable watches come at various price points, ranging from affordable options to luxury timepieces. There are sustainable watch brands available for every budget.

Are there luxury sustainable watch brands?

Yes, there are luxury sustainable watch brands that offer high-quality and upscale timepieces. These brands focus on combining luxury design with sustainable practices.

Can I find secondhand sustainable watches?

Yes, there are platforms like Vestiaire Collective that offer secondhand luxury watches, providing a sustainable option for fashion enthusiasts.

How do sustainable watch brands contribute to the environment?

Sustainable watch brands contribute to the environment in various ways, such as using recycled materials, avoiding harmful chemicals, reducing carbon emissions, and implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Some popular sustainable watch brands include Solios, 2°EAST, Mondaine, WoodWatch, Skagen, Original Grain, Nordgreen, Decideandact, TRIWA, and Vestiaire Collective.

Where can I purchase sustainable watches?

Sustainable watches can be purchased directly from the brands’ websites or from authorized retailers. Online marketplaces and eco-friendly stores may also offer a selection of sustainable watches.

How long do sustainable watches last?

Sustainable watches are designed with a focus on quality and longevity. With proper care, these watches can last for many years, making them a sustainable and durable choice.

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